Happy New Year!

With the recent release of Rust 0.9, I've decided to start a tradition of tagging releases for my Rust projects to coincide with releases of the Rust language. Although things like Rust CI have helped keep Rust code running as the language matures, there's still some frustration in using Rust projects if you'd rather not always run the latest master build. Sometimes, it may even be impossible to make two projects work together if their maintainers do not update at the same pace. By tagging releases with official Rust releases, it will become much easier to always find a version of my code that works with the latest release of Rust.

Without further ado, here are the projects:

  • rust-opencl - OpenCL bindings for Rust. Thanks to Colin Sheratt and Ian Daniher for their contributions and help keeping this code running.
  • rust-papi - Bindings to the PAPI performance counters library for Linux.
  • SciRust - Some linear algebra routines.
  • Boot2Rust - A small UEFI program that lets you boot and run nothing but Rust (and all the UEFI firmware stuff). See more in my previous post.

Besides shamelessly plugging my own software, I hope that this post will encourage others who maintain Rust projects to do the same. As the Rust community grows, more people will want to stick with official releases, and these are much more valuable when most of the Rust projects have easy-to-find versions that work with these releases.